Who we are

Urban Synergy, a driving force of urban renewal, is provoking action and developing partnerships for restoration projects. Urban Synergy specializes in the redevelopment and adaptive re-use of early 1900s buildings, transforming them into Urban Lofts, Restaurant/Retail Space, Loft Office Space, and other unique urban-style spaces.

Through Urban Revitalization, Urban Synergy strives to be a catalyst that revives and renews the city’s core, energizes the community, and stimulates economic development. As optimistic instigators, we affect change in urban centers by implementing ideas from other successful urban revitalization efforts nationwide into local reality.

What we do

Urban Synergy focuses on the acquisition, restoration, leasing and selling of Downtown urban properties to affect change from an economic development perspective while enhancing public perception through the transformation of blighted city centers.

With an appreciation for the past while looking toward the future, we Historicalize - Modernize – Urbanize underutilized Downtown structures.

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